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PT Royal Korindah

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For 40-years, PT Royal korindah have been specializing in eyelashes manufacturing. Today, they are recognized as a world leader in their industry. Their best quality lashes are distributed to top-selling brands worldwide. They offer the most complete variety of eyelashes for all occasions.

They are your best source for factory-direct eyelashes, and a one-stop solution hub, from bulk purchases to deluxe private-label packaging. Their in-house brand, ELISE, is ready for retail distribution.

PT. Royal Korindah specializes in developing customized, false eyelashes according to their customer ideas and requirements. Their private-label packaging service gives customers the option of getting individually packaged eyelashes ready for distribution and store display. Various types of eyelash glues and removers are also available. They export worldwide to countries spanning all seven continents.

Their eyelashes are categorized as: carnival, decorated, feather, glow in the dark, hologram, human hair lash, individual, novelty, synthetic hair, and tip mellow lash.

With a monthly capacity to produce 3-million sets, they continuously keep up with the latest trends and at the same time create new designs that are fresh and innovative. A myriad of new trends in eyelash designs of the past and present are their original creations.

Their reputation for excellence attracts those who demand the best. Their customers are leaders in their marketplace and they are thrilled to be a part of their customer’s success. The quality of their products and service help them maintain loyalty and attract top brands in the global cosmetics and beauty industry.

Their Marketing Department and Production Engineering team work closely together to keep up with the latest fashion trends and new technology. For their customer product development needs, they provide professional support with expert advice and technical knowledge.