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Exoticon is the best choice for high quality soft cosmetic lenses. Love Your Eyes with Exoticon Soft Cosmetic Lens X2/a+/ICE.

Exoticon soft cosmetic lens is a highly committed brand since 2001 to showcase the beauty of Indonesian women’s eyes and raise awareness about the importance of selecting, using and maintaining the correct contact lens, consisting of Brand X2, a+ and ICE.

All Exoticon products are created with double polymerization and color pigmentation making technology that is comfortable to wear and not easy to accommodate pleated lipid (protein that becomes dirt in softlens) and color does not fade.

Exoticon also has a choice of pattern and complete color and the more perfect quality contact lens is proven because Exoticon continue to innovate with the latest technology that is SDD Technology used in X2 Bio series and New a+ so as to provide more comfort to the contact lens users.

And most important is the Exoticon has a permit from the Ministry of Health so it is safe to use.

Love your eyes.