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Portfolio: Dragon Capital Center

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Dragon Capital Centre

PT Dragon Capital Centre is a fresh and brave startup leading the technologies in Jakarta, Indonesia. They give encourage to anyone who join them to be whoever they want. They are full of ideas, they play a lot, having fun is a must. They are gathered as professionals and a little bit crazy. But they believe that their craziness can change the world, can change creative industry in Indonesia.

Think like a roller coaster, swing your ideas, land your conclusion to the grass.
Pour your thoughts into the river, ride a waterfall and swim into the ocean of creativity.
The nature of this project is immense and top secret that we can not brief you, just yet.
But we promise you one thing, once you’re in, we’ll be making history about it.
Join our founding team and we will build the future of our world.

Be a founder, be a Dragon.

Dragon Capital Centre’s Web Design & Development

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