Ervandra Halim
Website & Mobile Developer

Portfolio: Divisi-1

Producing high quality responsive websites/web apps and mobile apps.

Divisi-1 is an online shopping place based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Divisi-1 stood since 1980 and has more than 30 years to open a business in Jakarta and has had 15 branches. The material of manufacture of Divisi-1 products are all imported materials with excellent quality, the products are sold also various kinds such as shirt, dress, shirt, skirt and pants.

Divisi-1 products are designed for young and modern women today, as per the needs of the latest fashion quality and affordable price. With the latest collection every day, Divisi-1 also often hold promotions in the form of discounts and other special promo. Customer service is preferred to give satisfaction to customers who are traveling in Divisi-1.

Divisi-1 Web Design & Development & Ecommerce

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