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Front-End Developer

AngularJs · Custom · Javascript

CIAYO is a virtual social media platform, they provides beautiful activity and item illustrations for user to share with friends. Combined with tech-in-edge attractive and interactive user experience scroll through their activity feeds.

User can posting their activity, mention their favorite items, favorite places, and tag their friends. Served well with commenting system, stickers, and reactions.

In-app Store also available, users can buy stickers, activities, emojis, merchandises, and many more. They can collect Caps and Cans which is in-app-currency.


In CIAYO we need an comprehensive yet modern web technologies that can accommodate our user needs. Integrated with a hassle-free backend and server architectures.


We absolutely need a blazing fast web apps, that’s why we using Angular JS, which is a Single Page Application (SPA) framework from Google. Back in time, this Javascript Framework (AngularJs) is the best available in the market.


Being in teamwork with 7 awesome Front-End Developers:

  • Donny Riantori (Front-End Leader)
  • Ervandra Halim (Front-End Senior)
  • Hendra Kurniawan (Front-End Developer)
  • Daniel Guitara (Front-End Developer)
  • Ferry Feriawan (Front-End Developer)
  • Ari Sunarya (Front-End Developer)
  • Sandy Cahya (Front-End Developer)

We finally launched CIAYO Virtual Social Media Platform in Popcon Asia 2016. Reach about 13K registered users in 2 months.


Our company (startup) is very considerable and listen to our user voices and needs, that’s why we choose to pivoting our business and products. Later we launched CIAYO Comics as a result of this action.