Ervandra Halim
Website & Mobile Developer

Portfolio: CIAYO Games

Producing high quality responsive websites/web apps and mobile apps.

CIAYO Games is subsidiary of CIAYO Corp. Mainly focused on Video Games, Console Games, Mobile Games, Animations, and Lots of Graphic related projects. We develop a solid collaboration with lot of local and international’s Game Developer and Game Publisher.

It began on January, 2017, just as a small idea spoken by our passionate founders. Then it snowballed and grew into a solid team of game developers — the best that Indonesia has to offer. With quality in mind, we aim to craft fresh and highly entertaining games. Proudly local, ambitiously global.

A highly-detailed and personalized IP management to leverage your brand into something more powerful than it was. It’s that sweet spot between tech wizardry and artistic know-how.

We will be more than happy to take care of any game-related mumbo-jumbo you need. Just kick back, relax, and have us deliver a wonderful mobile entertainment you won’t regret.

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I work on this project as a Front-End advisor and do several optimization for the website (layouts, codes, design, and integrations).


Work this project with 2 awesome Front-End Developers & a handsome Web Designer:

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