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Recently we are develop the interactive website for CIAYO Games with static HTML sites

What is CIAYO Games

CIAYO Games is subsidiary of CIAYO Corp. Mainly focused on Video Games, Console Games, Mobile Games, Animations, and Lots of Graphic related projects. We develop a solid collaboration with lot of local and international’s Game Developer and Game Publisher.

It began on January, 2017, just as a small idea spoken by our passionate founders. Then it snowballed and grew into a solid team of game developers — the best that Indonesia has to offer. With quality in mind, we aim to craft fresh and highly entertaining games. Proudly local, ambitiously global.

A highly-detailed and personalized IP management to leverage your brand into something more powerful than it was. It’s that sweet spot between tech wizardry and artistic know-how.

We will be more than happy to take care of any game-related mumbo-jumbo you need. Just kick back, relax, and have us deliver a wonderful mobile entertainment you won’t regret.


I work on this project as a Front-End advisor and do several optimization for the website (layouts, codes, design, and integrations).


My team decided to use React.js as a SPA Javascript Framework to build our comics platform. This framework is the best available at the market on the last-quarter of 2016.


Work this project with an awesome Front-End Developers & a Web Designer:

  • Visien Vinesa (Front-End Designer & Developer)
  • Ervandra Halim (Front-End Advisor, Quality Assurance)
  • Arrianto Suteja (Web Designer)