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CIAYO Comics

Front-End Developer

Next.js · SPA · Styled Components


Recently we are develop the web apps for CIAYO Comics with Nuxt.js rc1.x.x in 2018.

What is CIAYO Comics

CIAYO Comics is, essentially, a sustainable ecosystem—a venue to nurture the relationship between authors and readers, so that a collaborative community is formed.

CIAYO Comics is intended to eliminate the boundaries between readers and authors. We’re making reading comics an experience you won’t forget. It’s like a comic convention, but a personalized one.

That’s right. Now you can meet and greet any author you love right at your fingertips. Isn’t that nice?


We need to built a very robust and comprehensive platform for our users, we will have a very high traffic and data flow, so we should estimate every detail for our client-server architectures.


My team decided to use React.js as a SPA Javascript Framework to build our comics platform. This framework is the best available at the market on the last-quarter of 2016.


As a result, we bring a whole new web apps experience for our users. A lot saying that they feels like they’re using mobile application, but they are not. Thanks to SPA and our developer’s hard-work, we are able to bring an even better comic reading experiences.

So many people involved in this projects, but we have 4 very awesome Front-End Developer for this one:

  • Ervandra Halim (Front-End Project Leader)
  • Hadianto Code Candy (Front-End Senior – Logic)
  • Ari Sunarya (Front-End Senior – Style)
  • Sandy Cahya (Front-End Senior – Logic)
  • Hendra Kurniawan (Front-End Senior - Logic)