Ervandra Halim
Website & Mobile Developer

Portfolio: Batiqa Hotels

Producing high quality responsive websites/web apps and mobile apps.

Batiqa Hotels

BATIQA delivers a common space concept that mixes play and work. The social Lounge is supplemented with Free WiFi, 24 Hour Service, and Leisure area. The space also provides Dining alternatives, and is designed for optimal working, socializing, and relaxing. The space is created to fulfill the human desire of being connected both to friends and colleagues through personal communication and digitally in this fast-paced world.

Batiqa Hotels Web Design & Development

With over 10 ongoing hotels development, we had determine how to develop such a hotel booking engine which can be adaptively changed later for a long term solutions.


We build everything with client and customer ( hotel guests ) in mind, and produce an excellent booking service with advance admin configuration to make sure every under-developed hotels can be accessed later. We develop using Yii Framework (PHP) and integrate it with Foundation CSS Framework for perfect comprehensive website.


Our client satisfied with the fresh look website, and easily configure admin area (CMS). As well as the launching result are very satisfaction with returning user are exceed 100% of the initial goals.

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