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AMP is two years old

Producing high quality responsive websites/web apps and mobile apps.

Already 2 years after publishers and platform join force and launch the open source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project.

Speed and user experiences getting more and more important and matter gradually, with almost 53% mobile site visit being abandoned because it loaded with more than 3 seconds.

In 2 years, AMP project has 25 million site domains and publish more than 4 billion AMP pages, not only the pages, but the speed are getting better. Median time to open an AMP pages from Google Search is now about half second (0.5s).


More users = more interactions = more income

Google has better understanding about speed, interactions and income. After published, Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impactâ„¢ (instructed by Google) found that AMP increase about 10% site traffic and 2x the time spent. E-commerce that using AMP also show escalation about 20%.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Stone Temple, an advertising consultancy, found an increase in traffic, CPM and/or sales. Chartbeat also found user had 35% more interaction time with AMP contents rather than normal contents, in June 2017.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Supported by community

Google is very happy to held AMP Conf early this year in NYC. Reflect on this success, AMP will be held in Amsterdam in 2018. Make sure you are checking AMP Roadshow on your city. Google also will be visited Europe and China later this year.

The success of AMP is rely on the community that contributed within this project. There are more than 400 people contribute on codes, 10.500 people involved with the project in Github. There are a lot of other organisation that take active role and proactive approach to support AMP.

Future of AMP

There is a bright future for AMP, outside of the publishers and e-commerces, there are a lot of way to use AMP, including combination of AMP and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Google also build AMP Start, a source for template and AMP components that are ready to use. Last week, AMP Start release an e-commerce template that support product catalog website with deep retail experiences. There are a lot more to come.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

posted by David Besbris, VP Google Search, AMP Project Lead at Google.

Our projects are powered with AMP

All of our website projects are optionally and encouraged to add AMP features to their website, this will also ensure your site will be better indexed in Google Search, and the most important is, your/their users.

User who accessed the website will have a blazing fast web browsing experiences.

What makes you hesitate to build your dream website with us? lets talk about it now.

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